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Name: Jffs2dump

File size: 655mb

Language: English

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* This utility dumps the contents of a binary JFFS2 image. "Dump the contents of a binary JFFS2 image.\n\n" " -e, --endianconvert=FNAME convert image endianness, output to file fname\n". JFFS2 Dump utility. This python script dumps the content of the jffs2 image to disk. Conversion of Endianness. In some cases you need to convert. This question is rather old but I give an answer for others having trouble with this tool too. I can confirm that jffs2dump - my version of mtd-tools.

16 Mar apt-get install mtd-utils jffs2dump -b -c -r -e Note: The '-r' was critical and none of the Google hits I found on this topic. 6 Dec when using jffs2dump to change the endianness of a file system (in my case from BigEndian for a Renesas board to LittleEndian on intel). dumpjffs2.c; *; * Copyright (C) Thomas Gleixner ([email protected]); *; * $Id : jffs2dump.c,v /09/26 havasi Exp $; *; * This program is free.

From: Timo Juhani Lindfors $ help2man /usr/sbin/jffs2dump | man /dev/stdin currently creates badly formatted output like -b --bigendian. 27 Jul help2man /usr/sbin/jffs2dump | man /dev/stdin currently creates badly formatted output like -b --bigendian image is big endian -l --littleendian. convert from big endian to little endian $ jffs2dump -r -e chatten-met-vreemden.com2 - b 1Djffs2 Create the mtdblock devices $ mkdir. #include #include #include #include #include "crch" #define PROGRAM " jffs2dump". Update of /home/cvs/mtd/util In directory serv Modified Files: jffs2dump.c Log Message: Make it possible to decode .


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